Two And a Half People

Well hello there!

Welcome to the little world of Two And a Half People. It's the creative space of me, Chris Francis, a web/software developer living in London.

Here you'll find some examples of my design work, things I've built for clients, things I've developed out of sheer curiosity, as well as occasional prototypes and fledgling ideas. When I'm not doing any of that, chances are I'll be playing or writing some music.

Web & software development

Right now, I work for a globally renowned, music-related company as an R&D software engineer. I deal mainly in JavaScript (vanilla and other flavours), C#.NET, and HTML5. I'm currently leading the development of a JavaScript/HTML5 SDK for an upcoming product.

Previously, I've worked as a front-end developer for creative agencies, using a mix of JavaScript and Flash (ActionScript 3.0) to make things happen to other things that were built in HTML and CSS.

Before that, I worked for the NHS as an all-round web developer, doing a lot of .NET and SQL coding for internal projects and public portals.

Throughout all of the above, I've worked with graphic designers, UX designers, information architects, visual artists and many more. I like to think I've picked up some good influences along the way.